Emma Claire Minidress Fun posted by Mike on September 3rd, 2023

Check out these sexy teasing pics of Emma Claire! A spunky blonde teen, Emma is always looking for ways to drive her boyfriend crazy and when she found out that he had a thing for stockings she just couldn’t help herself! Well with Valentines day coming up Emma thought that she’d put together a [[steamy|sexy]] treat for him when he came home from work but once the outfit she picked out arrived at her house she had to give them a test run to see if they fit right. First on was the cute pink minidress, and then the stockings!

As Emma stood in front of the mirror in her sexy white stockings and her pink minidress she started to feel naughtier and naughtier and couldn’t help but slip out of her [[dress|clothes]] to watch her tight teen body in the mirror for a few minutes. Standing there wearing nothing but her stockings and panties Emma let her hands run down her warm thighs and licked her lips with a smile. These are just preview pics of Emma Claire’s minidress fun and if you want to see more of Emma’s pics as well as a lot of her [[hot|sexy]] girlfriends in their favorite uniforms then you have to drop by Only Tease!

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