Sexy Secretary Melanie posted by Mike on June 20th, 2023


Melanie Walsh is back at Only Tease for one very [[exciting|erotic]] photo set today. She’s in the office, dressed in an eye-catching secretary outfit. What man wouldn’t want her as their secretary? I don’t care how many words she could type per minute, I’d just like to have her sitting near me. The photos get even better as she teases out of her clothes, revealing her black and blue bra, matching thong and sheer black stockings.

Want to see a whole lot more of Melanie Walsh? Click here to [[visit|join]] Only Tease. Melanie has appeared at Only Tease more times than I can count. She has many great [[photo|picture]] sets that you’re going to want to check out and several [[steamy|erotic]] videos to download. Of course, she’s just one of the many [[babes|models]] there, so why not stop by today and meet them all.

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Ruby Love posted by Mike on June 19th, 2023

Ruby Love

I want to introduce you to a blonde [[vixen|babe]] named Ruby Love today. It’s the first time that she’s ever [[appeared at|posed for]] Only Tease, but I definitely don’t think that it will be the last. Today, she’s wearing a [[sexy|sensual]] blue satin evening dress that she’s soon teasing out of. Underneath she’s wearing a black lace thong with [[sheer|black]] stockings.

Click here to see more of Ruby Love at Only Tease. There’s 120 [[exciting|erotic]] photos in this set and this is just her first photo set. I took a little peek ahead and wait until you see her in her sexy college uniform or dressed as a naughty secretary. If that’s not hot enough, there’s a video of her in a tiny bunny costume coming up soon. I think you guys are going to [[love|like]] Ruby. I know that she definitely has my attention.

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Michelle M In Blue Pantyhose posted by Mike on June 18th, 2023

Michelle M

Check out these very [[sensual|sexual]] Only Tease photos of Michelle M. She’s looking very sexy in this outfit, but what I really [[love|like]] is what she’s wearing underneath. She’s wearing a pair of bight blue boyshort panties underneath a pair of sheer blue [[pantyhose|nylons]]. Soon, she’s posing in just her pantyhose and panties, showing off her incredible [body|figure]].

You can see much more of Michelle M at Only Tease. Of course, she’s just one of the many [[babes|models]] that you can see there, posing in sexy outfits and uniforms. Plus, we get to find out what they’re wearing underneath and sometimes that’s the most exciting part. We get to discover what kind of nylons they’re wearing, what color [[underwear|panties]] and much more.

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Only Tease Cheerleaders posted by Mike on June 17th, 2023

Only Tease Cheerleaders

There’s several very sexy [[photo|picture]] sets that were added to Only Tease today, but by far the [[sexiest|hottest]] is of the Only Tease cheerleaders. It’s Fifi and Carla Brown looking very [[sexy|naughty]] in cheerleading uniforms. You can tell that these [[babes|models]] really like these outfits and posing in front of the camera together. But of course, they do more than just pose.

See more of these cheerleaders inside Only Tease. There you can see all 125 [[photos|pictures]] in this set, as well as the [[hundreds|thousands]] of other sexy photo sets. All of the models at Only Tease are wearing sexy uniforms and outlets. The cheerleading uniforms are just the beginning of the fun. Plus, we get to see what they’re wearing underneath their uniforms.

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Louise L In A Slinky Dress posted by Mike on June 16th, 2023

Louise L

Take a look at these Only Tease [[photos|pictures]] of Louise L. This brunette [[babe|bombshell]] always looks [[amazing|incredible]] but she looks simply breathtaking in this slinky gold dress. She would certainly get a lot of attention wearing that dress [[to any club|anywhere in public]]. However, it gets even better as she slowly teases out of the dress. Soon, she’s posing in just her sheer black pantyhose and thong.

You can see more of Louise L at Only Tease. There’s a whole lot more pictures of her and the other Only Tease [[babes|models]] there. Plus, they have hundreds of [[erotic|steamy]] videos that you can download and watch anytime you want. If you like babes in [[sexy|erotic]] clothing and finding out what they’re wearing underneath, this is definitely the site for you.

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Rachel Tennant In Erotic Lingerie posted by Mike on June 15th, 2023

Rachel Tennant

This blonde [[bombshell|babe]] is none other than Rachel Tennant. She’s graced the cover of many of the men’s magazines in the [[UK|United Kingdom]], but today we have her all to ourselves. Check out these very [[sexy|erotic]] Prestige Tease photos of Rachel Tennant. She teasing in this very erotic pink and black lingerie outfit that comes complete with sheer black stockings.

I know you want to see more. These are just some of the [[photos|pictures]] that you can see of Rachel Tennant at Only Tease. Stop by Only Tease today and see all of Rachel Tennant. Rachel is part of the Prestige Tease collection which includes famous and well known [[models|babes]] like Louise Porter, Sam Cooke and so many more. Come check out all of their exclusive pictures that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Dannii H In A College Uniform posted by Mike on June 14th, 2023

Dannii H

Dannii H is looking like a very naughty schoolgirl at Only Tease today. There you can find her in this [[very|ultra]] sexy college uniform and watch her tease out of it. She’s soon showing off her [[wonderful|voluptuous]] figure in just blue bra, matching [[panties|underwear]] and sexy patterned socks. But maybe you’d like to see more, I have a feeling it won’t be long before your wish comes true.

See more of Dannii H and her [[sexy|naughty]] college uniform at Only Tease. There’s 128 sexy [[photos|pics]] in this set and I have a feeling that you’re going to want to check out every single one of them. Dannii H has appeared forty times at Only Tease now, there’s a lot of sexy sets, but you have to check her out dressed as a sexy secretary and another where she’s wearing a military uniform.

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Natalia In A Sexy Dress posted by Mike on June 13th, 2023


Check out these [[sexy|saucy]] Only Tease photos of Natalia. In this [[shiny|slinky]] dress she’s looking very fashionable and ready for a night out on the town. However, instead of heading out, she’s staying in and putting on a show for the camera. It’s not long before she’s [[hiking|pulling]] up her dress and exposing her white satin [[panties|thong]] and the tops of her [[sheer|nude colored]] stockings.

Of course, you can see more of Natalia at Only Tease. There you can see all of the photos in this set and all of her other photo sets and videos. While you’re there, take some time to meet some of the hundreds of other Only Tease models. They’re all wearing [[sexy|seductive]] outfits of one kind or another and they’re all wearing [[erotic|sensual]] things underneath it too.

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Seductive Secretary Bridget posted by Mike on June 12th, 2023


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Only Tease secretaries. Today, there’s a [[fresh|brand new]] [[photo|picture]] set of this blonde bombshell named Bridget. In her sexy secretary [[outfit|uniform]], she looks like she could actually be someone’s [[secretary|personal assistant]]. However, when the boss is away, she decides that it’s time to get very naughty. She’s soon teasing out of her uniform, showing us her blue thong, black stockings and more.

Want to see more of Bridget and her sexy secretary outfit? Click here to [[visit|join]] Only Tease today. Once you’re inside, you can see all of the 123 photos in this very sexy set. By the end, she’s rolling around on her desk in nothing but her stockings. This is her fourth appearance at Only Tease and she has one more photo set lined up to be released soon if you still want more of her.

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Sexy Secretary Shel posted by Mike on June 11th, 2023


Check out these sexy secretary [[photos|pictures]] of a ravishing redhead named Shel. I know that I’m not the only one who would love to have a secretary that looks and dresses like [[her|Shel]]. She looks very sexy in tight black top, too short [[skirt|mini skirt]] and grey holdup stockings. She teases, giving the camera peeks at her white cotton panties. And it’s not long before she’s starting to strip out of her clothes right in the middle of the office.

Want to see more of Shel? Click here to visit Only Tease. These are just a sample of all of the [[pictures|photos]] of Shel that you can enjoy inside Only Tease. There’s more than a hundred [[photos|pictures]] in this set and she’s made several other appearances at Only Tease. And of course, she’s just one of the hundreds of [[babes|models]] that you can see posing in sexy outfits at Only Tease.

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